Lucy the Elephant

9200 Atlantic Ave Margate City, NJ 08402


“The mission of the Save Lucy Committee is to restore, preserve, and interpret Lucy the Elephant for continued use in her historic capacity as a major tourist attraction, representing a unique aspect of architectural history and the history of Margate City within the growth of New Jersey seaside communities during the late nineteenth century to the hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life and all over the Globe who come to visit her”.

lucy elephant

The Nitty Gritty

Good Neighborhood X
Kind Employee’s X
Accessible Parking X
Sensible way finding X
Accessible Public Transportation
Kid Friendly X
Gift Shop worth visiting X
Clean Bathrooms! X
Labels you can find X
Reasonable Pricing X
Ample Sitting Room
Memorable X
Cool visitor materials X
Student discount

Winter closed
April, November, December: Wed, Thu, Fri 11-4; weekends, 10-5; closed Mon & Tues.
May thru mid-June, Sept & Oct: Mon thru Fri 11-4; weekends 10-5
Mid June thru Labor Day: Mon thru Sat 10-8; Sundays 10-5
Labor Day Monday 10-5
Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas

Adults: $8
Children under 12 yrs old: $4
Children under 2 yrs old: Free


My favorite Animal

Lucy the elephant is a perfect place to take kids. When I was much younger spending days at the beach with my mom in Longport, we would take walks to Lucy. This gave us the opportunity to get out of the heat and get lunch on the deck at the restaurant next door. It was an inexpensive way to retreat on a sunny day. Lucy the elephant has been a tavern, a hotel, a home, and now a museum. She has been through hurricanes, snow storms, and fires. Thankfully she has withstood it all to continue to bring joy to many.

Lucy the Elephant Postcard-1


I Love Lucy

The employees are kind and the gift shop is filled with every elephant novelty that you could imagine. The tour is short but the information is fascinating. You are show a short video and given a tour of the elephant. In the end you are lead to the top of Lucy where you see a beautiful view of Margate including the waterfront. Lucy’s uniqueness speaks for itself. I highly recommend making the trip.