My name is Lauren, I am a senior at Drexel University. My Drexel experience has given me the opportunity to strengthen many of my skills while acquiring new ones. I have taken exhibition design and gallery planning which have given me an inside looks at critical aspects of museums development and execution. Over the course of my senior year I have been working on articulating my experience when I explore a museum. I am looking at the work displayed, and the tactics used to display and explain the work. I find both parts equally interesting, and I would like to improve my ability to capture and share these insights. I will attend 20 museums and assess the museum based on transportation, attendance, exhibits, and layouts. I will create a visitor’s guide describing the art and “the art of exhibition” through words and images.

I will visit museums primarily in major metropolitan areas including: Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, DC and Manhattan. I will visit a variety of museum types to ensure that I have a chance to comment on a broad range of exhibition types. The mix of museums will include a range of subjects from art to medicine to architecture, and sports. I will look at privately and publically funded exhibits, permanent and featured exhibits, and indoor and outdoor exhibits. I will use a consistent approach to comment on a wide spectrum of exhibits. I will discuss the most compelling elements of these exhibits and identify areas for improvement.

The map below has all of the museums marked that I plan to visit. This way you can use the map for location as well as directions.


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